Ko Phi Phi Le, Bamboo Island, Monkey Beach

For the equivalent of 23 USD, you can take a full day snorkeling trip around Ko Phi Phi. The itinerary included: Bamboo Island, Monkey Beach, Viking Cave, and the famous Maya Beach. A small breakfast, lunch, and snack were included in the price, and we also got to snorkel a ways out in the ocean and around 7pm we swam with plankton (I always call them floofies). This was the most amazing trip I have been on and would highly recommend the full day adventure instead of the half.


Seth swimming in the lagoon

First stop was snorkeling out in the ocean off of Ko Phi Phi Don. At first I had a terrible time because the waves were strong and I had no life jacket. I didn’t really enjoy it, but Seth had a great time.

Then we went to Bamboo Island. Sadly, it was a bit dirty from all the tourists and there were trees fallen everywhere, but the water was beautiful.


Hermit crab

IMG_9178 (1)

Hermit Crab on Bamboo Island!


Bamboo Island

Then… monkeys!


Mom and baby


This monkey just crawled up on his arm… what?


Seth and his monkey buddy

Monkey Beach is aptly named because — you guessed it — there are so many monkeys. These monkeys looked different than those in Zhangjiajie. My favorite one had one big eye and one little lazy eye. Anyone have a good suggestion for a name?


My favorite monkey!

After that, we went past Viking Cave, and then on to a lagoon to do some more snorkeling. This time the water was really calm and I had a life jacket, so it was incredible. I have never seen so many colorful fish! It was like being in a gigantic fish tank with tropical fish! We only had 20 minutes to snorkel and it went by too quickly.


Viking Cave

Our last stop before sunset was Maya Beach, which is supposed to be the most beautiful island in Thailand. It has earned its number one rating, but sadly I do not have any pictures because we had to go through an obstacle course to get there.

First, we took the long tail boat to a lagoon-type area and then we had to swim a ways to get to this net hanging on a cliff side. We had to climb up the net (as the water tries to push you into the side of the cliff and also you start to get tangled in the net), walk down some wooden steps, walk a ways, and then we finally get to the beach. So, you see, I had to leave my camera on the boat. Also, when we went snorkeling in this little lagoon area, they told us no devices. So I don’t think anyone got pictures in that area either.


Long tail boat — swimming in the lagoon

Let’s just say Maya Beach was perfect: white sand like powdered sugar, crystal clear turquoise water, and all surrounded by amazing cliffs like in Zhangjiajie. It’s like Avatar but with a beach.


On the way to Bamboo Island


Swimming in the lagoon — the water was perfect!

Lastly we swam with plankton. It wasn’t as cool as I thought, and we were cold and hungry, but I’m glad we stuck in there. I’ve seen more plankton on Delano Bay in Washington State than I did in Thailand, but I had so many more adventures that day that it didn’t matter. It was an amazing trip and I would love to do it again some day.


4 thoughts on “Ko Phi Phi Le, Bamboo Island, Monkey Beach

  1. Grandma Sidney says:

    Hard to imagine what it’s like there without your pictures. Thank you and keep posting. So fun to see it all. Are you making a list of things to do with Anna when she gets there? Love you two,💖


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