Country Roads and … Dino Master


Sunrise on Ko Phi Phi

Beautiful hues of purple and orange spread across the sky. I’m enjoying a delicious strawberry coconut shake in Thailand on the quiet part of Ko Phi Phi Island. It’s our last real night. Through the sounds of the waves, I become aware that I’m singing with the radio.

“…country roads, take me home, to the place I belong, West Virginia.”

I’m out in the middle of the ocean on a beach in Thailand and I hear the song of my hometown. For some reason Asia really likes this song. If you sing karaoke many people will know it I have been told. I thought it was hilarious to hear this playing on the radio about a little place in the US some people in America don’t even realize is a state. Fun times.


Sunrise on Ko Phi Phi

So we arrived in Bangkok. We spent the night in the airport and left early the next morning. The other night we were walking around in a department store and we went into a bookstore. Immediately he finds the toy area and begs me into getting a Thai “Dino Masters Starter Pack” card set so we could duel. Then he proceeds to head towards “Skippy Land” in the department store to sit down and play. I have a unique husband.

We met up with Seth’s mom in Bangkok and stayed on the famous Khao San Road last night and went to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho today. I will hopefully post some pictures soon.


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