Ruins of Ayutthaya


If you ever go to Thailand, Ayutthaya is one place I would definitely recommend for a slightly less trodden path. The city is fairly small and seems much poorer than Bangkok or Chiang Mai, but just passing through the town you can see all sorts of temple ruins.


Thailand flag flies between the stuppas


We spent one full day bicycling around Ayutthaya and at 4pm we took a two-hour boat ride around the entire city. There are cool new temples and old ruins everywhere along the river.


Full temple view from above

We stopped at three different locations along the river for 20 minutes each. The last one we had to walk along some sandbags and then climb over a wall and down a bamboo ladder to get to the ruin area. While we were there another boat came and did the same thing so I guess it is the main entrance from the river.


Heaps of rubble



In one of the temples we visited via bike, you could go inside into a chamber that wasn’t that impressive until you realized there were really old faded drawings on all the walls.


Drawings inside the walls of the temple ruins


Descending into the chamber inside the ruins

Also, there was an Elephant Park nearby one of the sites, so there were just elephants walking down the sidewalk.


Elephant stops to eat some grass


Just riding our bikes when we bump into an elephant

The most impressive thing to me about Ayutthaya was just how many sites there were, each one just as amazing as the next. We had the option to take a day tour from Bangkok, but I’m glad we went for a full day.


There were so many doves hanging around the ruins, I had to snap this picture

We hopped on a overnight bus for Chiang Mai last night around 7:30pm when we were done with our boat tour. Now we are just resting a bit before some more adventures. I’m going to be glad to go home after all this adventuring!




2 thoughts on “Ruins of Ayutthaya

    • SarahC says:

      You should!! Go to the out of the way places… it is really worth it! Bangkok is kinda just a grimy city with lots of prostitutes and partiers, but the national parks and the beaches and the historical places are all so amazing.


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