Chiang Mai and Pai

DAY 1: Sunday Market – super busy, but you still have to go see it.


The Sunday Night Market craziness

DAY 2: Elephant Land, Night Market (see Elephant Land)

DAY 3: Thai Cooking Class – I went with my mother-in-law to a half-day cooking course. The half day is plenty! One thing to note: you will eat all five of the dishes you cook. wasn’t as personal as I’d like. We were completely full. It was really fun, but a bit too hectic with that many people trying to make Pad Thai all at once (stir faster!!). It did include a cookbook, though, so I’m definitely going to try some of these dishes out.


Thai lady showing us the garden herbs

DAY 4: Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (temple), Hmung Village — my favorite part of this was getting to chat with a monk. He was super friendly and we also got to talk to the people from India who were there about Hinduism, too.

When we visited the Hmung Village, we saw this little boy walking towards us. Seth starts waving at him and he comes over, uncrumples a 20-baht bank note and holds it out: “HAVE BAHT!” and proceeds down the hill. It was the funniest thing ever — I will quote it for the rest of my life.


Little Thai boy in pink slippers holding 20 baht


Hmung home-grown coffee plant

DAY 1: Full-day tour of Pai: viewpoint, hot-spring, Pai Canyon, Bamboo Bridge, land-split, Chinese village, waterfall, Coffee in Love


Seth gearing up for a shot in the Chinese village


Perfect shot!


Chinese village — complete with Chinese tourists!


Seth on the manual ferris wheel powered by the strength of THAI!


Anna on the ferris wheel


Manual ferris wheel


Bamboo Bridge – actually quite scary to walk on


Pai Canyon


Viewpoint in Pai

DAY 2: We drove mo-peds around Pai to see strawberry fields, World War II Memorial Bridge, Pai Treehouse, country side, and then we went swimming in a secluded resort hotel.


Found this at the Pai Treehouse


I loved driving these things. I’ve gotta get me one.

This will be the last post for awhile, probably until we get back to Shiyan, China because Anna has my camera cord so I will have to buy a new one to be able to upload pictures. We only have two stops left: Kolkata, India for one week, and then Xi’an, China for a day. Can’t wait to get back to China home!

Good-bye Thailand!


Overlooking Pai Canyon


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