You’re here! My name is Sarah Cartwright. I’m an artist, musician, and writer who’s not afraid to take on the world. I am a journalist currently teach English in Shiyan, China with my husband, Seth. Born in a small town to a large and nomadic family, naturally I must spread my wings!

Some random facts: I’m an INFP and a Ravenclaw. My favorite flowers are lilies and my favorite stone is opal. My favorite animal is a polar bear. It’s a symbol of a protector; a creature of great strength who is fiercely loyal and playful.

Photo on 5-19-17 at 11.46 AM #3

About Us: My husband and I married right after I graduated with my degree in journalism. A year later, we moved across the globe. We love the Chinese culture, and enjoy spending our days learning Chinese, nunchucks, TaiChi, and anything else we can exchange for tutoring English. We enjoy running, hiking, and swimming, and just being outdoors! And there’s nothing better than stargazing.


Boat tour of Danjiangkou Dam — Hubei Province, Shiyan, China


“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”                   – Soren Kierkegaard